Liu Guangyuan, Foreign Ministry commissioner in Hong Kong, briefs HK-based diplomats and businesspeople on the 20th CPC National Congress on Oct 28, 2022. (ANDY CHONG / CHINA DAILY)

Liu Guangyuan, commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, expressed his strong disapproval to US Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau Gregory May and his consulate over their inappropriate statements and acts that have interfered in Hong Kong affairs.

According to a Thursday statement issued by the commissioners office, Liu met the US officials days ago. During the meeting, he drew three red lines which he urged the US consul not to cross. Liu urged May not to engage in acts that would endanger Chinas national security; not to engage in political infiltration in the HKSAR; and not to slander or damage the HKSAR’s development prospects.

Liu also urged the US consul general to abide by diplomatic ethics and not to go further down the wrong path.

Last month, the US consul general made irresponsible remarks about Hong Kong’s political situation and its rule of law in an online forum. He also criticized the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress’ interpretation of the National Security Law for Hong Kong.