Police guard outside the high court in Hong Kong on Aug 27, 2021. (PHOTO / AFP)

HONG KONG – Police are investigating the gruesome killing of a 54-year-old woman in Yuen Long on Saturday night.

Investigators found the victim unconscious on a footpath on Kam Pok Road East after receiving a call at 7:26 pm, according to a police statement.

Police officers sped to the scene and found multiple cut wounds on the woman’s neck and back,” the statement reads.

The woman was certified dead at the scene and, after initial investigation, the case was classified as murder, it added.

Police said an electric saw, a 30-centimeter-long beef knife and a pair of gloves were also found at scene. Post-mortem examinations will be conducted to determine the cause of death of the deceased.       

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The District Crime Squad of Yuen Long District is conducting the investigation, police added.